Runway 15/33 Closure                                                                                                             July 15th, 2019. At 8:00 a.m Runway 15/33 and north end of taxiway alpha will be closed for 75 days.
After runway 15/33 is completed the south end of alpha will be closed for reconstruction. Crosswind runway 08/26 will be open with restrictions. Proposed Departures on 08 and landings on 26. With a displaced threshold on 08. This is pending further information. More information and construction make sure to check NOTAM’s and AWOS 118.45 (719)683-5371 for the most current information in regards to the runway replacement/reconstruction. Updates will be posted on this website shortly. Also, proposed traffic patterns will be posted on                                                                                                                                          Radio usage is of the utmost importance during this time.                                                                                       Airplanes have the right of way on all roads (including Cessna Drive) 


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